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Improv Chatroulette Or 98% Penis

I don’t know if you have tried Chatroulette yet, but here is the deal.  Completely anonymous. You get connected to a random partner via video chat(and audio), don’t like that person, just hit next, and be randomly connected to another.  Comedy Gold Ensues.  A veritable freak show.

Sounds like a great idea right?  Wrong.  It is 98% penis. Guys, pathetic, desperate, horny, worthless morons getting off not to a real woman (or man as the case may be), but instead frantically self flagellating their own penis to a web cam, in the hope that a girl somewhere in the world will see them whacking it.

Another 1% is again, guys, all staring at the camera praying to see boobies so they can all high five each other and later whack off in bed while wondering what it would be like to actually touch a real booby.

.1% are just signs tallying up the boobies, vaginas, penises, bras and panties they have seen. 

Luckily, only another .1% are too young and should not even be watching the Chatroulette penis parade.

At long last we come to the remaining .8%.  Actual females.  You know, girls.  It is a sad fact that there are not that many out there.  Most likely due to the wankers and drooling idiots trying to see their boobs.

Did I mention to not even think about actually chatting?