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CNN Anchor Challenges Congresswoman To Substantiate Obamacare Criticism, Hilarity Ensues | ThinkProgress

CNN Anchor Challenges Congresswoman To Substantiate Obamacare Criticism, Hilarity Ensues | ThinkProgress.

I think the GOP is on a desperate hunt, still trying to win in the eyes of the public. They are doing no good for the country, only themselves. This is a contest, about them winning, not about doing good for the American people.

That being said, I think the reverse is also becoming true about the Democrats. They are no on the attack, beating the loser while they are down.

This is an example of just that. Try listening to this broadcast with an open mind, and putting aside vehement bias to a winner or loser.

What the Anchor states is true. The website doesn’t ask for any information that is covered by HIPAA. However, HIPAA goes deeper than the surface than the Anchor scratched.

The Congresswoman, is visibly flustered and on the defensive from the very start of the clip. If she had been calm, she may have better stated and explained what I believe her concern is: Data security and privacy by the third parties who are handling the website transactions, and the data warehouses that the information will be stored in.

Having worked in IT for over 20 years, most recently as a document data coordinator for a mortgage servicing company, I understand her concerns.

We dealt with hundreds of thousands of documents containing credit card numbers, financial information, social security numbers, and much, much more information that could easily be taken and destroy the life of a person or family. Daily. 7 million documents, over 2 terabytes of personal data. At one time I had an entire 2 terabyte portable drive on my desk here at home that may have contained YOUR information. You, the reader.

HIPAA covers the data that will be transferred between insurance providers, third party billing services, and medical institutions/professionals. This information will most likely go through a central clearing house for routing.

This is a valid concern, although not as dramatic and trumped up as the GOP are making it out to be. They are making a mountain out of a molehill in order to use this as a tool to win, rather than actually being concerned about the privacy of our data.

It needs to be said that while we are correct in the fact that they are currently doing the country more harm than good in a desperate witch hunt for ways to win, the other side needs to still think before acting out in the same erroneous manner as the GOP.

Or, here is a thought: Why not drop the partisanship and do what is good for the American people? For the country as a whole? Not just use that excuse as a tool to curry favor.

The ‘Occupy’ Movement

It amuses me to watch the monkey suited morons, the media pundits try to label the Occupy movement. Is it left or right wing?  Is it Democrat or Republican?  What is the message? It seems the media whores must label it to sell the story.  It keeps them in suits, ties, hair gel and makeup.

The truth is, there is no label.  It is Democrat and Republican, it is left and right, gay or straight, it is We, The People.

We have become tired of the 1% who will stop at nothing to ensure they have money and power. The ones who live off us.  Who use loopholes rather than pay.  The ones without scruples who will jail a man for copyright infringement for years, but let a child rapist walk free.  The ones who charge us for EVERYTHING they can such as use of an ATM.

There is no message.  Take notice arrogant, greedy, unscrupulous power mongers who have turned this once majestic country into a ridiculed 2nd tier shadow of glory.  Your time is over.  This is the beginning of the end for you.

We, the people, wish to return our great nation to what it once was.  A beacon in a dark world, hope and freedom. We wish to once again be able to say “United States of America” with pride.

We are the 99%.

People, Preferences and Trolls.

A disclaimer here:  This my personal opinion and web site. true or false, this is my view and how I feel. I am allowed to state my opinion as an individual. No names are mentioned so let’s keep it that way.

During my day I deal with several types of people.  I deal with the folks at the place where I work.  Honest, kind, hard working, and a joy to be around.  When I wake up in a poor mood, they are there outside smoking and talking, and they change my entire day, always putting a smile on my face early in the morning.

Then I get on the computer and deal with Internet folks.  For the most part they are full of intelligent discussion, ideas, jokes that are understood only by those of us who live in cyberspace so-to-speak.  However there are those who are just punks out to get a rise.  Inflammatory, insecure morons who will say or do anything for the virtual attention.  They are what is known on the Internet as “Trolls”.  There is a saying: ‘”Don’t feed the troll.”, meaning the best way to deal with these folks is just to ignore them and move on.

In real life, at home, home I deal with folks here in our small town.  Again, a lot of hard working honest solid people.  There are those that have lived here all their lives, several decades at least, that remember what this town was and how we were all polite and kind, aggression was not an issue.  Then, there are the ‘elite’.

Mind you, they are only elite because they consider themselves above the rest. They exist all over our little town.  Examples?  The teacher who takes things from the lost & found to place in the front rows of the auditorium many hours in advance of a concert our children are in, then gets angry when parents move those articles so they can see their children.  When asked why they think they can just take seats from parents eager to enjoy their children, the reply?  A haughty “We are teachers.”  As if that somehow made them so much more important and deserving of the seats.  One teacher actually leaned to an 11 year and started whispering what a bad person his father was. Luckily this 11 year old is very respectful and politely moved away after informing her that she should not say those things.

How about that teacher that speeds through a school zone busy with children every school morning for the past two years?  I guess that since she is a teacher she is too important to watch out for children or obey the speed limit?  Either too self-absorbed or lacking in any common decency or sense.

Then there is a teacher so arrogant that 911 had to be called.  Once the teacher realized that 911 had actually been called on him he backed off and made his own quick phone call concocting a story about an individual being rowdy to have him removed from the first game he had ever gone to, in front of his family. The officers who arrived were apologetic, but had to do their job even though they were well aware of what an arrogant poor excuse for a person the teacher was.  Whenever his name is mentioned to anyone who knows him, the immediate response is “Oh yeah, he is such an ***hole”.

One has to wonder what impression these types of individuals are making on our children.  Luckily my children have not had to interact with these folks on a daily basis yet. When they do, I can trust that my children will see past the arrogance and use them for the tools that they are(pun intended) to make a better future for themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong, as is said, there are bad apples in every bunch.  We have one of the best school systems in the state.  I am proud that my children have the opportunity to attend school here, they are getting an incredible education.  I see a person every morning that I think is one of the best school Principles I have ever met, and is a decent individual on top of that.  A good man. I trust his judgment when it comes to my kids. I personally have interacted with the teachers, counselors and Principles of my children here for almost 4 years, and found them to be humorous, kind, fair people that care about these kids enough to know every one of them by name without looking at a sheet of paper.  Wonderful and amazing, I am lucky my children attend these schools.

Also, it is only a small sampling of the people in this town.  My kids can still safely walk to school, although I worry about the aggressive, texting  speeders who can’t seem to read the “school zone” signs or realize they are on a residential street.  They can go to the park on their bicycles and I don’t worry too much.  Trick-Or-Treat is coming and I know they are safe to walk around with their uncle while I hand out pound upon pound of candy.  It is a beautiful town with many, many kind-hearted people.  A good, safe place to raise children.

When we bought our home here, I had aspirations  to be one of the ‘elite’.  After careful consideration however, I would rather be one of the good folks at work, the folks that have been in town forever, and the older folks who still have common decency, humility and common sense. I pity the arrogant, bullying, self-centered aggressive people who rest on their laurels and have an overabundance of ego, the real life ‘trolls’.