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Our dog Sheena is a Cocker Spaniel mix. She was born with a heart defect that is common to Cocker Spaniels, and has lived her 12 years with this defect.  It has finally caught up to her however, and her heart has become enlarged, slowly getting weaker day by day.

Our beloved dog, Sheena, is dying.

In the words of our veterinarian, "Every day is a gift".

She is still happy, rolling in the snow, greeting us by wagging her tail so hard we think it might actually pop off and fly across the room, teaching our other dog and our cat who is the boss.

Recently we went to her veterinarian appointment to view x-rays of how enlarged her heart has become. Her abdomen has filled with fluid making her look fat, so we have started calling her "Tootsie Pop".  She is brown, round, and sweet.

The doctor was sure to let us know, again, that each day we spend with her is a gift, that the heart could give at any time.

Upon hearing this, my 11 year old says: "Want to know one thing that is good about her heart being so big?  There is more room in there for us."

I think I have something in my eye.