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In Which I am Tired Of Illnesses…

Here is my morning(so far).

My wife has cancer in her leg.  My VERY OLD ferret, Mr. Sebastian the Ferret, has cancer and it is time to have him humanely Euthanized.  He is not the mischievous, curious little booger he once was.  He has lost his fur, and is having a hard time eating.  For the first time yesterday he snipped at me, I think he is hurting.  It’s time. 

So this morning I go to work, get back at 8am and call Miss Wifey Thang to see where she is.  She tells me that our cat Chuck “Ghost” Norris is bleeding bright red blood from his rear.  I take him to the vet as soon as I get in, luckily he only has a bladder infection which is common in male cats according to the doctor.

But, I mean, what next?  Geez give me a break already. I am tired of illnesses.