To all of you who feel that they must publicly judge this young lady and/or her parents: Shame on you.

By doing so you belittle the bravery of this girl and her parents. You darken the love for what she does and the amazing courage it took for her folks to believe in her dream, and the courage it took for this young woman to do what she loves.

These parents, their life, their decisions, none of your business.  You let your 16 year old giggly vapid waste of over-protected teenagers drive a car?  Just as dangerous, probably more so. When you PARENTS can drive your car without the need to text while doing so, then maybe you will have a clue.

You can over-protect and weaken your little snowflakes all you like, but leave these folks alone and take your insufferable need for drama and judgment elsewhere (This includes the media).  This young lady and her parents have more courage and fortitude than any of you armchair/sofa hover-parents. She will do well in this world.

Abby, kudos to you and your parents for your bravery.  I admire your parents for having the heart to let you follow your dream.