Look up "Myxoid Liposarcoma". 

Right now, as a side effect, she is fatigued and sometimes nauseated.  She is normal though, going to work and so forth.

All we know for now is that the tumor is HUGE for this rare type of sarcoma.  Usually they are around 10cm, hers is now around 15cm.  She jokes about it and calls it her "lovely lady lumps".

We know that it is malignant. 

We go back to Pittsburgh on Thursday to conference with all the medical disciplines involved to start work on a treatment plan.

What we are worried about, and what remains to be seen is if the cancer has spread to her lungs and liver.  The prognosis should be fairly good if it has not.  I think the next step is a chest CT then complete removal of the tumor and some surrounding tissue, hopefully they can get all of it.

Some stuff I read indicates chemo for 4 months and radiation therapy to kill off some of the surrounding tissue to ensure complete removal.  Our doctor didn’t seem to think that would be needed if it has not spread.  The problem with radiation therapy is that she can develop a secondary sarcoma form the treatment itself, within 5 years.

So what we are hoping for is a very local tumor, easily removed, no lasting damage to her leg and no spreading to the lungs and liver, which is where this type of tumor goes.