I am trying to decide which is worse. 

Here we have Tiger Woods.  He has his own private life, and chooses NOT to share the details of things that happen to him or in his life with the media.

Immediately the media is on a mission.  They dig up dirt, dirt that no one really needs to know about, and they spread it to all available outlets and smear Tiger because they were denied access to what is rightfully his.  He has a right to a private life.

Every day in this country and around the world, people have affairs.  People wreck cars.  People have a lot worse and messed up situations than Tiger’s.  Yet solely because he refused to bend over and vomit up details for the dogs of the media, they deliberately and maliciously find sordid details and spread them. 

I put a car in a ditch last week.  The picture is below. Where is the media?  Why aren’t they digging up details about my illegitimate children?  My past affairs?

See, Tiger is a guy.  A person.  He did well at his job and got rich.  He chooses not to share his life with the public.  So whether or not the information and dirt is true is a mute point.  IT DOESN’T MATTER.  It’s none of our business.

The only reason the media makes it public business is to leech money off the scandal and drama, money from YOU, reader. 

Now here is my dilemma.  Which is worse?  The dogs of the media and their agenda of scandal and drama for greed?

Or you, the pathetic, idiotic, Hollister iClones that drool while feeding off the teat of the media whore?

I pity the vain, self centered, over-blown self image and status desperate “i” generation.

It is truly here.

Welcome to the Idiocracy.