I see society jumping on the status quo “Olympics” bandwagon, and it makes me sick. The news is “Olympics” this and “pride” that. Have we, as a culture, a society and a once proud country lost our collective minds? Have we lost our sense of right and wrong, and what is ridiculous in the pursuit of acceptance and impressing others?

The out of the blue, not understood decision to put the winter Games in such an unlikely and controversial spot was poor and without reason to begin with.

Russia’s history of repression inequality, abuse of homosexuals that is, for all intents and purposes state approved should have been reason number one not to choose that location.

The fact that they are mercilessly and with cruelty poisoning killing stray dogs when there were many humane and lower cost alternatives offered in the weeks leading to the Olympics is reason number two, and stands on it’s own merit as a single reason to use another location.

Then there are the very obvious privacy concerns and attempts to save face. Cameras in the showers? Lies and alteration of photos and video on the Russian news? Instant hacking of devices hooked to the Internet as soon as the media arrived? Americans were warned to have no expectation of privacy. This would set off alarms and bells to any sane person.

They are not ready for the Winter Games. So where did all the money go for the preparation? This is the most expensive Winter Games to date, but the people reporting from there are showing sub-standard accommodations that are not ready and sometimes even down right hazardous.

I, for one, am taking a stand and not watching. I will not follow the rest of the Kardashian fed, Honey Boo Boo and Bachelor watching lemmings off the proverbial cliff. I cry foul.

It is time for people who still have an original, intelligent thought in their heads to stand up and speak out.